This program's options parallel [/eman/eman1/progs/refine.html refine]. 'eotest' options are a subset of refine's options. eotest is used to perform a fairly robust resolution determination on a reconstruction. It is run in the same directory as a completed refine command. Note that the refine command MUST terminate normally. Chances are good that if refine is interrupted in the middle of a run, eotest will not produce valid results. eotest splits each cls file into even and odd halves, then proceeds to build an independent model based on each half of the data. By calculating a Fourier shell correlation between the two resulting maps, a fairly robust resolution determination can be made. For a proper determination, the data should be split into 2, 4, 8, etc sets, then the resolution can be determined by interpolating to the entire data set. The estimate made by comparing 2 halves of the data is actually slightly underestimating the final resolution. Due to the rapid nonlinear falloff in signal to noise ratio at resolution limiting spatial frequencies, this underestimation should be relatively slight in most cases.

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