Daily Fixes

Monday 30th and Tuesday 1st 2008

Adding syncing to the database so that if project crashes or uses does a ctrl-\ then the project data base contents will probably not be lost

Can now change the box size without problems

Fixing various bugs

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th 2008

Bug fixes and interface alterations

Friday 20th 2008

Fixed the auto=db option, now it works

Thursday 19th 2008

Added the ability to clear and make new instances of autoboxers - this is a big enhancement.

Wednesday 18th 2008

Moving and deleting moved manual boxes was not working and now this is fixed

Tuesday 17th 2008

Erase circles that are displayed when deleting individual particles are properly aligned

Fixed a bug related to moving references - if a reference was moved all autoboxed particles were lost and subsequent autoboxing failed. This is fixed.

Output is now written to a directory called Boxerscratch - the directory will be created if it does not exist. So now the user will not see all of the hdf output files, including correlation maps etc, unless they actually look in the Boxerscratch directory. The Boxerscratch directory can be deleted, but be warned - the exclusion areas the user has created in the interface will be lost.

Monday 16th 2008

The display that shows the boxed out particles has been improved and runs substantially faster - this should help performance on lower end machines.

Friday 13th 2008

Holding down shift and clicking on a single box in the boxed image display (the image matrix) will now remove a box

Erase and Unerase is now much faster

Fixed Rossi's persistent image matrix controller problem

Added the option of merging box data base files generated by other people into your local database - useful for reviewing boxing results generated on other machines or by other people

Thursday 12th 2008

Added support for manually selecting particles - there are now two buttons called Reference and Manual beside the "Boxsize" text entry box in the main controller. Manual boxes are useful because they do nothing other than exist as plain boxes.

Suggested Improvements

Keyboard arrows should move the boxes around if they are selected

A zoom box should be displayed on the image thumbnail to show the user their current location

The selection box in the boxed particle viewer should be the same color as the box used to display it in the main image viewer (i.e. black,green,white..)

An image shrinking option for automatically shrinking the images prior to interacting with them

Display circles and targets instead of just boxes

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