An experimental program for interactively exploring tomographic tilt series

tomotrackbox.py expects a tomographic tilt-series as input (NOT a reconstruction). Normally this would be the .ali file resulting from a tilt-series alignment in IMOD, but technically the program can do some of its own alignment, so if your raw tilt-series is not TOO far out of alignment, you can still use this program. It does not require fiducials as the reconstructed feature itself acts as a fiducial.

example usage: $EMAN2DIR/examples/tomotrackbox.py aligned_stack.ali --invert

(use --invert if the target of interest looks black on a lighter background when normally viewed. EMAN2 requires white on a dark background.)

Here is a short demo movie showing how to use some of its features:

tomotrackbox demo movie

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