To get a current list of available orientation generators, please run e2help.py orientgens or for more detail, e2help.py orientgens -v 2.

A typical orientation generator looks like this:

Note that the perturb option is on by default in the eman orientation generator, to reduce noise bias problems.

To get a RANDOM ORIENTATION within a python script with three random values (one for each EULER ANGLE, from positions on "the sphere"), do the following:

rand_orient = OrientGens.get("rand",{"n":1})    #Fetches the orientation generator

c1_sym = Symmetries.get("c1")                   #Generates the asymmetric unit from which you wish 
                                                #to generate a random orientation

rt = rand_orient.gen_orientations(c1_sym)[0]    #Generates a random orientation (a Transform object) 
                                                #using the generator and asymmetric unit specified 

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