EMAN1 Sample Data

Here is an image of the DVD handed out at the 2007 NCMI EMAN/Visualization workshop.

Download here

To use this file, use a DVD burning program (like k3b under linux or Nero, etc. under windows) to burn the image to a DVD. Alternatively under linux (as root), you can mount the image file directly: {{{mkdir workshop mount workshop2007.iso workshop -oloop (copy files you want) umount workshop }}} Note that files on the DVD are, of course, read-only, so on unix-like machines you might need to 'chmod -R u+w ' on the files you copy from the DVD.

The 'eman.demo/GroEL' directory contains all of the necessary data for an ~8ish Angstrom resolution reconstruction of GroEL. This is split up into stages. Start with 'stage1'. Each directory will have a '000script' file containing the commands required at that stage to complete processing.

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