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EMAN2 is now stable and ready for general use. Nonetheless, it is still in its early versions. If you experience any bugs or other problems, please report them to sludtke@bcm.edu. If you find a problem in a release version, you may wish to try the daily snapshot, which represents the most recent development version.

EMAN2 is a scientific image processing suite with a particular focus on single particle reconstruction from cryoEM images. EMAN2 is a complete refactoring of the original EMAN1 library. The new system offers an easily extensible infrastructure, better documentation, easier customization, etc. EMAN2 was designed to happily coexist with EMAN1 installations, for users wanting to experiment, but not ready to completely switch from EMAN1 to EMAN2.

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Last Updated 05/04/2006
by Steven Ludtke